How To Comment And Share As Your Google My Business Page [Video]

How to +1, share and comment as your Google My Business Page

You’ve set up your Google My Business Page and you’re now getting more involved in the social/connection side of Google Plus as your Page rather than your personal Profile. Inevitably, there will come a point when you are reading around the web and want to +1 or share the article as your Page or comment […]

Google’s Mobile Friendly Update – Do You Really Need A New Website?

Mobile friendly update April 21st - do you really need a new website?

Unless your have your eyes and ears closed online recently, you’ve no doubt heard about Google’s planned mobile friendly algorithm update due 21st April 2015. If you’re really unfortunate like some small business owners I’ve spoken to recently, you’ve also been bombarded with emails and calls telling you your website is not mobile friendly. Of […]

How To Block People On Your Facebook Business Page [Video]

how to block people on your facebook business page

Why Block People On Your Facebook Business Page? Over the weekend, I was asked a question, “Jan, how to I block so-and-so from posting on my Facebook Page”. Sometimes you simply have an aggressive troll or spammer who’s sole aim in life is to make your life difficult.  Maybe you’re like me and have zero […]

Demystifying Social Media At Business Boost Runcorn

Business boost social media seminar April 2015 3

I’m jolly excited, rather chuffed and honoured to be speaking at Business Boost in Runcorn 10th April 2015. Business Boost Runcorn Seminar and Networking Morning Starting at 8am with a spot of breakfast and networking, April’s Business Boost Seminar morning is an ideal opportunity to mingle and network with other local businesses and learn some […]

Learn Local Keyword Research In 3 Minutes [Video]


Simple Local Keyword Research? Local keyword research needn’t be complicated.  In essence, all you are doing is finding the words and phrases people use when searching for your type of business in your area then using those words within your web content. Sounds simple enough… Ahh, but this is local search, so nothing is as […]

Amazing Keyword Discovery With Power Suggest Pro

power up your online content with keyword discovery

Keyword Discovery – An Essential Task Whether you’re building your website, blogging or creating content for video, presentations and more online, knowing the words and phrases your audience uses when searching is a big advantage. Do you really know what people are searching for? Keyword discovery can be incredibly frustrating, particularly for local searches. Using […]

Increase Facebook Reach 742% Without Ads (That’s Not A Typo!)

How I increased my Facebook reach by 742% and more with little videos

It’s no secret that Facebook reach has declined so much over the last year that updates barely reach Page fans without some work. Yes, it does take work to increase Facebook Reach (or ads!)  Simply posting a Facebook update and expecting people to actually see it is a bit like rubbing a lamp and expecting […]

How To Block Facebook Game Requests

Two ways to block facebook game requests

Facebook Game Requests – do you love or loathe them? I think we all have “that friend” who seems to spend their days on Facebook playing Mafia Wars or Candy Crush Saga.  Not content with whiling away their hours, they send out more game requests that humanly possible… For me, I don’t think there is […]