Runcorn Business Seminar Day (Your Invite!)

Business Seminar Day Holiday Inn Runcorn 26th September

Runcorn Business Seminar Day 26th September Hosted by Bear Behind Events at the Holiday Inn Runcorn, the Business Seminar Day is your opportunity to network with local small businesses, social enterprises and business leaders.  Breakfast networking will be followed by four seminars to help you plan the growth of your business. I’ll be speaking about […]

Increase Your Online Visibility With A Video Blogging Challenge

Muppet Dog destroying the yard

Why a Video Blogging Challenge? Bonnie Gean is hosting her video blogging challenge again this month.   Starting September 8th (yes, I know I am late…) through till 17th October the idea is you produce a video per day Mon-Fri. Why am I recommending YOU join in? Well it’s no secret, video is fabulous for enhancing […]

How To Delete Facebook Page Comments [Video]

How to delete Facebook Page Comments step by step

Facebook Page Spam Comments Spam comments on my Facebook Page infuriate me.  A slight over-reaction maybe! Would these people who come along and drop their promo links in Facebook Page comments walk into another business’ office or shop and just start putting up posters about their latest promotion without invitation?  You wouldn’t act like that […]

Semalt Referral Spam and Shady Tactics

3 Ways To Block Semalt and clean up your analytics

Ok Semalt, you have officially annoyed me and I’ve put you into my “bottom feeding scum, don’t touch with someone elses barge pole” file. Why? Today, once again, I used MY time to explain to a client that you (and your buddy Kambasoft) are NOT real visitors and are essentially worthless spam visits to their […]

This Week Online 27th July 2014

This week online 27th July 2014

What a week online! In case you missed the excitement, I’ve trawled the web to share with you the best bits that caught my eye over the last week. Local Search Google has once again put the cat amongst the pigeons with a major update to the local search rankings. Nicked named “Pigeon” by Search […]

Quality Rater Guide Leaked: What Businesses Need To Know

Google Quality Rater Guidelines - what your local business needs to know

Creating a local business website that Google and your users love is not always a straight-forward task, especially if you are building your own! Even gorgeously designed websites can overlook the basics. Your website is just the start of the plethora of signals that Google looks at when deciding if your local website is worthy […]

Ecommerce Content Marketing – 24 Expert Tips [Infographic]

24 expert tips for ecommerce content marketing

Many small businesses are taking the leap into ecommerce.  An online shop is an attractive prospect – make sales while you sleep, wake up flooded with orders… It doesn’t quite work that way! Opening up your ecommerce site, slapping on your products with a keyword stuffed description, hoping people somehow find you and then just […]

12.5 Essential WordPress Plugins For Your Business Blog

12 essential WordPress plugins for your business blog

Where would your WordPress blog be without a plugin or two?  WordPress plugins add functionality to your blog.  They make blogging easier, more secure or just simply prettier. With over 31,000 WordPress plugins available in the WordPress repository alone, how do you start choosing?  When you see lists of 50 or 101 essential WordPress Plugins, […]

How to Delete Free Yell Listings

How to delete a free listing

There seems to be an influx of people landing here looking for details on how to delete free Yell listings.  I know from experience cleaning up citations for local listings that Yell/Hibu don’t seem to have this information available on their site – or if it is, it is so far buried that no one […]

Fear Disguised As Practicality

Risk being seen in all your glory - Jim Carrey

I was taking a moment this morning to catch up with some reading with my coffee, when this gem whizzed through my feed. It’s 8 minutes of highlights from Jim Carrey’s Commencement Address at Maharashi University of Management. I’m not a fan of Jim Carrey. The only reason I stopped to watch was because the […]