Facebook News Feed: 7 Ways To Control What You See

7 ways to control what you see in your Facebook news feed

The Facebook News Feed is a bone of contention for many over the years. I won’t be the first to bemoan the fact that I have very little control over what I see in Facebook’s “News” Feed. Until perhaps now… Facebook recently announced that they’re listening and have given users more control of what they […]

The (Almost) Ultimate List of UK Local Twitter Chat Hashtags

local UK Twitter chat hashtags

What are Twitter Chat Hours? Twitter Hours or Tweet Chats are real time discussions taking place on Twitter. They often revolve around a common theme or location. Taking part in a Twitter Chat is perhaps the easiest way to connect with compatible businesses and potential customers. All you need to get started is a Twitter […]

No-one Expects The Spamish Inquisition! (Email Spam Infographic Guide)

Email spam filters and blacklists guide

A Very Monty Python Guide to Email Spam Filters and Blacklists Email spam has to be one of the most irritating things online. For me, email spam is up there with bloody annoying pop-ups and website sliders. On the other hand… As someone who should use email marketing more (I know – practice what you […]

How To Change Your Email Display Name In Gmail [Video]

GMail tip - how to change the email display name "send as" name in GMail

The Joys Of Ageing Google Accounts… It wasn’t that long ago, in the time of Google Places when you would set up a Google account to claim your Place and suddenly have a GMail account.  The email display name would be the unfortunate person nominated to ignore, sorry keep an eye on the account. For […]

Google’s Mobile Friendly Update – Do You Really Need A New Website?

Mobile friendly update April 21st - do you really need a new website?

+1 Tweet Share Pin ShareTOTAL SHARES 114Unless your have your eyes and ears closed online recently, you’ve no doubt heard about Google’s planned mobile friendly algorithm update due 21st April 2015. If you’re really unfortunate like some small business owners I’ve spoken to recently, you’ve also been bombarded with emails and calls telling you your […]

How To Block People On Your Facebook Business Page [Video]

how to block people on your facebook business page

Why Block People On Your Facebook Business Page? Over the weekend, I was asked a question, “Jan, how to I block so-and-so from posting on my Facebook Page”. Sometimes you simply have an aggressive troll or spammer who’s sole aim in life is to make your life difficult.  Maybe you’re like me and have zero […]

Demystifying Social Media At Business Boost Runcorn

Business boost social media seminar April 2015 3

I’m jolly excited, rather chuffed and honoured to be speaking at Business Boost in Runcorn 10th April 2015. Business Boost Runcorn Seminar and Networking Morning Starting at 8am with a spot of breakfast and networking, April’s Business Boost Seminar morning is an ideal opportunity to mingle and network with other local businesses and learn some […]

Learn Local Keyword Research In 3 Minutes [Video]


Simple Local Keyword Research? Local keyword research needn’t be complicated.  In essence, all you are doing is finding the words and phrases people use when searching for your type of business in your area then using those words within your web content. Sounds simple enough… Ahh, but this is local search, so nothing is as […]