Google Plus Notifications: Google Local Listing Random Followers

How to change your Google Plus Notification settings

Why Am I Getting Google Plus Notifications From Strangers? Are you one of the many small businesses who have yet to embrace the social world of Google Plus?  Logging into your Google My Business Page to a raft of Google Plus notifications from people and Pages you don’t know can seem quite threatening, especially as […]

Google My Business: How To Hide Your Address [Video]

How to hide your address on Google My Business (Google Places/Maps)

While Google My Business replaces Google Places, one of the major points that has not changed is the requirement that Service Area Businesses (SAB) hide their address. Your business is classed as a SAB if: Your business is mobile You operate from home Your office is not staffed during your stated opening hours The idea […]

Local SEO Like a Pro – Local Search Ranking Factors 2014

Overall Local Search Ranking factors 2014

The much awaited Local Search Ranking Factors 2014 report is now available.  Since 2008, David Mihm has rounded up a collection of pro Local SEOs, picked their brains about local ranking factors and collated results.  The report serves as a great resource and benchmark for your own local SEO efforts. Local Search Ranking Factors Survey […]

Facebook for Business Training in Widnes

facebook for business training in widnes

Using Facebook for Business Training Workshop Join me on Saturday 18th October for a half day practical Facebook for Local Business workshop at the CMRZ (Central Rooms) in Widnes, Cheshire. One in three Brits access Facebook every day and small businesses acknowledge the importance of this behemoth social media platform in their online marketing.  As […]

Dealing With Yelp Business Reviews [Infographic]

Yelp business reviws - defending yor business online

Yelp Business Reviews – How to Defend Your Business Online Yelp is one of many online review sites and has a love – hate relationship with business owners.  Here in the UK, you’ll often see Yelp listings rank in local search in major cities, less so for smaller towns.  Never-the-less, it’s one to keep an […]

Your Google Business Listing: The Importance of Consistency

What is a Google Business Listing

What is a Google Business Listing? It’s funny isn’t it? I ramble on about speaking the same language as your potential customers but when it comes to Google Local, the Big G really doesn’t make things easy! Let me explain… Earlier in the week I had a call from a lady who wanted to set […]

4 Simple Softaculous WordPress Install Security Tips [Video]

4 Quick and Simple Softaculous WordPress Installation Security Tips

Softaculous WordPress Installation I recently reviewed the Social Blog Blueprint (it is a very good blogging course for beginner and intermediate bloggers).  My main gripe was showing 1-click installation of WordPress.  The course recommends installing WordPress via the Softaculous script.  I did notice that Softaculous allows you to change some of the default WordPress settings […]

Social Blog Blueprint Part 2 (Ramp Up Your Blogging Results)

Social Blog Bluepring - Take your blog to the next level

In my previous blog post we talked about what to expect with Social Blog Blueprint by Sue and Dan Worthington. The basic course is ideal for small businesses who want to set up and start blogging on their own domain. One you’re set up and posting your first posts, what then? Traffic doesn’t just turn […]

Social Blog Blueprint Review Part 1 (Is This Blogging Course for You?)

Social Blog Blueprint - is it the blogging course for you?

Social Blog Blueprint Review Part 1 Anyone who has joined me for coffee or contacted me asking about how to get found online will know I always mention blogging. Blogging is your home online, it’s the centre of your online universe and the start of a solid social media strategy. So when Sue Worthington said […]

Runcorn Business Seminar Day (Your Invite!)

Business Seminar Day Holiday Inn Runcorn 26th September

Runcorn Business Seminar Day 26th September Hosted by Bear Behind Events at the Holiday Inn Runcorn, the Business Seminar Day is your opportunity to network with local small businesses, social enterprises and business leaders.  Breakfast networking will be followed by four seminars to help you plan the growth of your business. I’ll be speaking about […]