How to Add Your Business to Foursquare [Video]

How to add your business to FoursquareFoursquare is a location based social network. Their maps power the Pinterest Map Boards. If you haven’t already done so, now is a great time to ensure your business is claimed on Foursquare.

In an earlier post, I explained how to add a business to Foursquare if you did not own the business.  It can be frustrating if you are using Pinterest Map Boards and a business is not present on Foursquare – you can’t map it!

In this video, I show you how to add your own business to Foursquare and the verification process.  It takes a few minutes, then a wait for a verification card.

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How To Add Your Business To FourSquare

Video Transcript
Hi, it’s Jan Kearney at My Local Business Online. Today I’m ging to show you how to claim your business listing on FourSquare if you are the business owner.

First, navigate to Once you have arrived, click the big orangey get started button.
Make sure you are logged in to FourSquare then proceed to claim your business. Type in your full business name. FourSquare will try to automatically generate your location. In my case (and the business case) we are in Widnes. Widnes doesn’t seem to exist on the Internet, we’re lumped in with Runcorn!

Then you do a search. If your business is already on FourSquare, if somebody has already listed it, the details should pop up. There we go, just scroll down a bit.

Check that it is your business and click select. If you can’t see your business on the list, click the link to manually add it to FourSquare. So I will select that business and say that I am the owner because I am actually logged in as the owner. Then agree to the venue platform terms of use. We do, so click Get Started.

Add your phone number and follow the verification instructions given to you.

Once you’ve completed the phone verification, it will automatically go to the next page. You can then verify with a credit or debit card or you can ask for the mail verification, which is what we are going to do. Similar to Google Places, a postcard will arrive at the address. I am going to click on mail me a verification code.

That’s it for now. We just need to wait for the pin number to come through and we’re all set on Foursquare. Speak to you soon!

Over to you…

Is your business on Foursquare?  Do you use the mapping feature on Pinterest?  Let me know your experiences in the comments :)

How to Add Your Business to Foursquare [Video] by
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      • says

        Before I create a brand page, I assume I must set up the business name first — right?

        Let me ask your opinion. I DO have a real business name, it’s Print Source One, but I no longer do printing. I still do graphic designs,but people don’t come to my home. They order online.

        Most people online know me by Bonnie Gean and not by Print Source One. What do you suggest? LIst my Print Source One business and PO BOx – then add a brand page or….. help! :)
        Bonnie Gean recently posted…Video Blogging Challenge – Day #3My Profile

        • says

          Bonnie, the brand page is created via a Twitter account – so just make sure you have a Twitter username in the business name you want to use. You don’t need an address or PO Box for a brand page.

          Since you are “Bonnie Gean” online, I’d go with that as your brand name too.
          Jan Kearney recently posted…Video Blogging Challenge Day 4My Profile

  1. says

    Hi Jan,

    Another excellent video and it’s the first time I’ve heard about Foursquare, so will probably check it out in the future, but as I’m currently just starting to build an online business, do you recommend that we should get registered on Foursquare?

    Keep up the great videos

    • says

      Hi Sky – while I do love the idea of “being everywhere”, I’m a great believer in building up slowly so you don’t get overwhelmed. I’d look closely if your target market or their main influencers are likely to be on Foursquare.

      If they are, great! Create a brand page (I have a video coming up showing how) and start sharing tips and promoting your business.

      If not – I’d hang fire and build up your influence and authority on social sites where your target market already is.
      Jan Kearney recently posted…How to Add Your Business to Foursquare [Video]My Profile