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5 Steps To Local Business Facebook Success

Are you frustrated trying to generate traffic, leads or business from your Facebook Page?  Then I have good news…

Local Business Facebook Pages Now Have An Advantage

Recent changes to the Facebook “nearby” feature on mobile platforms and the up-coming Graph Search now means that your local business Facebook Page holds an advantage!

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But only if it is set up correctly and you have a plan of action.

5 Steps To Local Business Facebook Success

This free short report guides you through the 5 essential steps to make your local business Facebook Page work for you.  Discover:

  • How to find your audience on Facebook
  • How to optimise your page so people find you “nearby”
  • The types of updates you should be posting

A Facebook fan page is more than just another way to connect with prospects and customers online…

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local businesses get found on facebookCan I share something with you?

I’m not a fan of Facebook and I dislike and form of social search (seriously, don’t start me ranting about social search!)  I mean, if I really want to know what my friends like, where they have been, where they are now, what they are doing and more – then I’ll ask them.

I don’t even use Facebook from my mobile.

BUT I’m not the average Facebook user.  I’d be a fool to ignore what’s going on right now and share this information with you.

Unfortunately, most local business pages aren’t set up to their best advantage.  With the mobile “nearby” feature and the change to Facebook search that, local businesses – maybe yours too – are missing out on potential customers.

In my experience, it’s because small business owners don’t know where to start with their Page.  “5 Steps to Local Business Facebook Success” will help you to use Facebook to your advantage, as part of your overall marketing plan.

Facebook UK Stats

I’ve already mentioned I am not your average Facebook user, maybe you aren’t either. That doesn’t mean that Facebook can be totally ignored. There are very few (if any) local businesses that cannot take advantage of a free platform using just 30 minutes per day to keep it updated.

This video from Facebook outlines UK Facebook usage stats – over half the British population is active. The world may well have gone crazy, but we would be crazier not to take advantage don’t you think?

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Want to know how to get the best from YOUR Facebook Page? by

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