Video Blogging Challenge Day 6

Fear is a habitDay 6 of Bonnie Gean’s Video Blogging Challenge.  I’m on a roll…

In this video I share my tip for overcoming video nerves.

Well, “overcoming” may be stretching it a bit, but it has helped me actually face the camera.

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Video Blogging Challenge

Overcoming Video Nerves

Video Transcript
Hi it’s Jan Kearney at My Local Business Online and we’re on day 6 of Bonnie Gean’s video blogging challenge. Now I’ll be quite honest with you, I’m not quite sure how many videos I’ll get done this week because I have a really hectic week. I’m out all day Thursday as well. I’ve signed up for an executive business coaching course, which starts on Thursday, so I’ll be doing that. And I’m a bit late today as well, getting my video blog out as life caught up with me on a Monday!

What I did want to share with you… There’s quite a few people who have said that they are really scared to get started with the video challenge. I totally understand it. What you don’t see when I am chatting here is my sweaty palms and the sweat dripping down my back, which is a lovely picture for you obviously!

A few people have said to me, whether it’s in comments, face to face or email that I look quite natural. Thank you for the compliment! So I wanted to share a tip that I have been doing. I’m not doing it today, I don’t know if you can tell! What I have been doing is this…

Let me just reach over. This is an old calendar of my sister’s wedding. It’s a picture of my daughter, my dad, my sister. I’ve been putting this just behind the camera and talking to them. It’s really sad, I don’t know whether to admit that, But that’s what I am doing. Even though they don’t have a clue what I do or why I do it – they really don’t understand what I do, I find speaking to somebody I know is a lot easier than just staring into a camera.

There’s my tip for today. If you are scared of getting on camera, try that. It’s worked for me so far! I’ll speak to you soon.

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    Hi Jan

    That is very good tip about the photo behind the camera, never thought about that, although I have to add that it might make me more nervous – lol. One way I found out is to try and not to listen to myself and pretend it’s someone else talking instead.

    Kind regards
    Sky Nealon recently posted…Ha! – Some Dilemma…..My Profile