Video Blogging Challenge Day 7

video blog - a local business blogging tip

Day 7 of Bonnie Gean’s Video Blogging Challenge. I did record this video this morning and with one thing or another I’ve only just got to producing and uploading!

I’m determined to try and keep up with the vlog challenge though – it’s working wonders for my confidence using this technique.

It’s not to late to join in, go at your own pace!

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A Win!

I had a really nice surprise when I checked my Google Plus last night before bed.  I’d won a book!

Since I moved my WordPress site over Christmas, ended up stripping it right down to bear basics and STILL haven’t decided how I want it to look, or even if it fits in with the direction I am taking my business…

I’m really looking forward to reading “Does My Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat”

From what I can see, the new version of the book is only available for Kindle download here in the UK.  I’ll give you a complete run down when I have read it!

It’s also a great reason to give you a quick local business blogging tip in today’s video blog!  The video transcript is below for those who prefer to read.

Video Blogging Challenge Day 7

A Win and Local Business Blogging Tip

Video Transcript

Good Morning! It’s Jan Kearney at My Local Business Online. Yesterday, I’m really excited, I won a book. I’m very excited because I very rarely win anything! I entered a giveaway over on Denise Wakeman’s blog and I won a copy of Sandra De Freitas’ new book “Does My Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat?” It sounds really interesting reading for someone who is always enthusing about local business blogging.

I’m going to enthuse a little bit more about local business blogging because it really does help bring customers in through your front door. It’s not just about having a chat on your blog or your website. One of the most important things you can do online is show up in search. I am going to talk Google because here in the UK, and combined really dominate the search results. It’s touching 90%, so Google IS search as far as the UK is concerned.

Google will try to provide local results where possible. Particularly on local mobile searches, it’s going to provide a local result. So when you blog on your own domain and provide those local results, you’re actually giving the Google bots food to eat and digest and ponder over. So you’re increasing the size of your website by blogging on your own domain and you’re increasing you’re relevance in the search results by blogging on your own domain. And you’re providing your potential customers, and current customers with information they really need and are looking for from you. If you don’t provide it, someone else will and they’ll go somewhere else.

The most important thing you can do is include your location, your town or your city in the blog post title. Obviously, just that alone isn’t going to propel you straight into the search results, but it is a fairly major factor. That’s what I want you to start doing, if you blog now anyway. On that note, I am going to prepare my video blog for today and get on with some work! I’ll speak to you soon.

Over to you…

Do you use a blog to bring in business?  Oh and spill the beans, what’s the best prize you have won?

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