Video Blogging Challenge Day 8

Day 8 of Bonnie Gean's Video Blogging Challenge - HapVideo Blogging Challenge, day 8 - Happy Birthday World Wide Web

Not only is it day 8 of Bonnie Gean’s Video Blogging Challenge it is also the 25th Anniversary of the day Tim Berners-Lee first put in his proposal for the World Wide Web.  Without that ingenious invention, we wouldn’t be here now video blogging (or watching cats and babies on YouTube!)

Despite my sinuses being very sinusey today, I thought I’d wish the Web a Happy Birthday in this video blog.  Don’t worry, I am not singing!

You can still take part in Bonnie Gean’s Video Challenge, pop over to her blog for details.  Join the G+ Video Challenge Community, follow the Challenge board on Pinterest and there’s also a video bloggers tribe over on Triberr thanks to Jonathan Senior. Isn’t the web wonderful?

Video Blogging Challenge Day 8

Happy Birthday World Wide Web!

Video Transcript

Hi, it’s Jan Kearney at My Local Business Online and today is day 8 I think of Bonnie Gean’s Video Blogging Challenge. Today is also a very, very special day because it’s the 25th anniversary of Tim Berners-Lee putting in his proposal for what has become the amazing thing – the World Wide Web. I wanted to do a quick video just to say Happy Birthday! Don’t worry, I’m not going to sing this time at all!

The Web was, and still is truly revolutionary. It’s impacted on everybody’s lives who have come into contact with it. It’s provided us with communication channels we could only ever dream of.

I remember when I first got a modem and I used to listen to it dialling up. My heart would start pounding because I never knew what I would find. To me the Web was initially an endless source of information. Even though way back then there wasn’t even a handful of websites online. But there were all sorts of newsgroups and stuff that you could tap into to communicate with people 100’s and 1000’s of miles away. The Web has become so much more than that, so much more than what anyone could imagine.

When people talk of social media and the social web, I think the Web has always been social. It’s always been about people. As businesses working online, we shouldn’t forget that. There is someone sat behind that keyboard, or touch-screen or keypad or whatever we’re using to access the World Wide Web these days. It’s constantly growing, constantly evolving and putting people in touch. The Web is about people. I think we should all aim to keep it that way, despite people wanting to spy on it or censor it. The Web is owned by nobody, the Web is owned by all of us. The Web is people. On that note, Happy Birthday World Wide Web! I’ll speak to you soon.

Over to you…

Can you imagine life without the web now?

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  1. says

    Hi Jan,

    Aaaah the gold old days of dial up – wonder if anyone is still using such a system? Anyway, it’s amazing how much the internet has involved and with regards to your question, no I couldn’t live without the internet, it’s changed my life completely and I now practically almost live on it, breathe it and well it’s my only communication with the outside world.

    Sky Nealon recently posted…Bonnie’s Video Blogging Challenge 004 – Pro Blogging Series 001My Profile

    • says

      Surprisingly, many people still use dial up around the world. Personally, I would be tearing my hair out these days if I still was! Like you, I spend far too much time online :)